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Marrakech International Film Festival 2023

The Marrakech International Film Festival was created in 2001 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to promote and develop the art of cinema and the film industry in Morocco. Today, after more than twenty years, the Festival is a place of expression and discovery that takes up the challenges of diversity, exchange and enrichment. It is also an opportunity for Morocco to welcome and pay tribute to great personalities of the world of film. The event attracts a large audience, both national and international, and benefits from a strong reputation and its prestigious image.

November 17, 2023

Sofia Alaoui and Arnaud Fouquet will presents a case study of the film Animalia and the creative significance of visual effects in contemporary cinema in Africa and the Middle East.

“Atlas Workshops was the first step in the process of developing my film’Animalia”. (…) The pitch sessions, even if online due to the pandemic, were especially informative and useful in the subsequent search for financing. In a warm and attentive atmosphere, I can say that it was a first concrete step where our little baby’- which was warm at home – made its first encounter with a public. It’s sometimes violent, but so is the job, so it’s not a bad thing to try your hand at it.”

For Arnaud Fouquet, MPC’s VFX supervisor on the film Animalia, it’s a real honour to be able to talk about his work with the director and the film crew at the Marrakech International Film Festival.

The case study will take place on Thursday 30 November at 14:30; Get your accreditation to take part, on this link.

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